Uterine Cancer

Precision Cancer Treatment with Afinitor Encouraging in Uterine Cancer (04-4-2018)

CancerConnect News: Combination therapy with Afinitor (everolimus) and Femara (letrozole) demonstrated encouraging activity in the treatment of advanced endometrial cancer, according to a report from the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists meeting this... Continue Reading

Uterine Cancer: The Next Immunotherapy Frontier? (01-30-2018)

CancerConnect News: All gynecologic cancers are challenging to treat. They can be hard to find and are usually diagnosed when they are advanced. Although these cancers can be held at bay with surgery or chemotherapy, they often return and become difficult... Continue Reading

Fran Drescher: Cancer Schmancer (03-18-2009)

Actress, producer, and advocate Fran Drescher launches a movement created to change the way policy makers and patients think about cancer and healthcare. By Diana Price When I speak with Fran Drescher, it’s 9 a.m. in Los Angeles and she has already... Continue Reading

Uterine Cancer Overview (03-9-2009)

Overview The uterus is the female reproductive organ where the unborn baby grows and develops until birth. This muscular organ is connected to the vagina by the cervix and contains entrances for the two fallopian tubes, which transfer eggs from the ovaries.... Continue Reading

For Optimal Care of Gynecologic Cancers, Consult Your Oncologist About Medication Concerns (02-8-2009)

As a patient or caregiver affected by a gynecologic cancer diagnosis, you can help your gynecologic oncologist ensure that you or your loved one receive the best possible care. Learn all about each prescribed medicine—both new drugs and routine drugs... Continue Reading