Anti-PD-1 Drugs Promising for Advanced Melanoma (07-1-2013)

In Phase I clinical trials, investigational drugs that target a protein known as PD-1 are showing promise for the treatment of advanced melanoma. Results from two of the trials were presented at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical... Continue Reading

Selumetinib Active Against Melanoma of the Eye (06-26-2013)

In a Phase II clinical trial, the investigational targeted drug selumetinib resulted in tumor shrinkage in half of patients with advanced melanoma of the eye. These results were presented at the 2013 Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical... Continue Reading

Many Young Women Continue to Tan (05-6-2011)

According to a survey by the American Academy of Dermatology, use of tanning beds remains a common practice among young, white women. Intentional outdoor tanning was also widely reported. Sun exposure has long been linked with skin cancer, and a growing... Continue Reading

Melanoma Overview (03-18-2009)

Overview Malignant melanoma is predominantly a disease of the skin, but may in rare instances occur at other sites, including the mucous membranes (vulva, vagina, lip, throat, esophagus and perianal region), as well as in the eye (uvea and retina). Melanoma... Continue Reading

What Every Woman Should Know About Cancer Screening (02-6-2009)

By Jennifer Maxon, RN Over the past several decades, long-term cancer survival rates have been on the rise.1 These improved outcomes are largely credited to screening measures for certain types of cancers. In general, cancer that can be detected and... Continue Reading

Cancer Vaccines: Stimulating the Immune System to Attack Cancer (02-6-2009)

As the age of personalized medicine approaches, the look and feel of cancer treatment may change dramatically. What if, rather than receiving one-size-fits all anticancer drugs, patients were treated with specially formulated treatments made to target... Continue Reading

Understanding Your Melanoma Pathology Report (02-6-2009)

If you’ve been diagnosed with malignant melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, your physician has made this diagnosis by removing (with a biopsy) the cancerous area on your skin and examining it under a microscope. Following this examination,... Continue Reading

How to Do a Skin Self-Exam (02-6-2009)

From the National Cancer Institute publication “What You Need to Know™ About Skin Cancer” Your doctor or nurse may suggest that you do a regular skin self-exam to check for skin cancer, including melanoma. The best time to do this exam is after... Continue Reading

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