Lung Cancer – Small Cell

Precision Cancer Medicine PARP Inhibitor Promising Treatment for Small Cell Lung Cancer (06-25-2018)

The results of a recent study published in The Journal of Clinical Oncology suggest the first new therapeutic option for Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) in many years.  The study evaluated the addition of a novel precision cancer medicine called a PARP... Continue Reading

Study Using Comprehensive Genomic Tumor Testing to Match Lung Cancer Patients with Targeted Therapies Transforms Care (05-22-2014)

Data Supports Routine Tumor Genotyping for Patients with Advanced Lung Cancers; May Improve Survival New data from a study led by Memorial Sloan Kettering physicians that used targeted therapy for patients with the most common type of lung cancer has... Continue Reading

Small Cell Lung Cancer Overview (03-18-2009)

Overview Small cell lung cancers account for 20-25% of all lung cancers and are primarily diagnosed in smokers or former smokers. They differ from other types of lung cancer in that they spread very quickly throughout the body via the blood and lymphatic... Continue Reading

Non-Platinum Chemotherapy as Effective for SCLC (10-14-2008)

Non-Platinum Chemotherapy as Effective for SCLC Chemotherapy regimens that do not contain platinum agents (Platinol and Paraplatin) appear to be just as effective as regimens that do contain platinum agents in the treatment of small cell lung cancer.... Continue Reading