Colon Cancer

In Their Own Words: Colorectal Cancer Survivors (03-23-2009)

Rozanne Prisament, Diagnosed at Age 50 I had absolutely no risk factors for colorectal cancer and had a healthy lifestyle, eating right, exercising, and getting at least eight hours of sleep. Although I rarely went to a doctor, preferring alternative... Continue Reading

Colon Cancer Overview (03-13-2009)

Overview The colon and rectum are parts of the body’s digestive system and together form a long, muscular tube called the large intestine. The colon is the first 6 feet of the large intestine and the rectum is the last 8-10 inches. Treatment approaches... Continue Reading

What Every Woman Should Know About Cancer Screening (02-6-2009)

By Jennifer Maxon, RN Over the past several decades, long-term cancer survival rates have been on the rise.1 These improved outcomes are largely credited to screening measures for certain types of cancers. In general, cancer that can be detected and... Continue Reading

Advancements in Screening for Colorectal Cancer (02-5-2009)

Although there is no doubt that screening for colorectal cancer saves lives, only about half of all Americans undergo the recommended screening for the disease. This low compliance rate to screening is perhaps the single greatest reason why colorectal... Continue Reading

Understanding Targeted Therapy for Colorectal Cancer (02-5-2009)

Targeted therapies are anticancer drugs that are designed to treat cancer cells while minimizing damage to normal, healthy cells. These drugs, which may be used in the treatment of colorectal cancer, interfere with specific pathways involved in cancer... Continue Reading

A Non-invasive Option for Colon Cancer Screening (02-5-2009)

Options in screening for colorectal cancer continue to expand. One new, effective approach is a non-invasive stool DNA test developed by Exact Sciences. If you’re a candidate for colorectal cancer screening (individuals age 50 and older and those at... Continue Reading

Colon Cancer Patients: Understanding Peripheral Neuropathy (02-5-2009)

If you’ve received chemotherapy as part of your colon cancer treatment, one of the side effects you may experience is numbness and tingling in you extremities, also known as peripheral neuropathy. The following guidelines explain how to recognize and... Continue Reading

Healthy Lifestyle Improves Colorectal Cancer Outcomes (02-5-2009)

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S. Due to the high prevalence of this cancer, prevention and early detection are important areas of research. Two recent studies suggest that making healthy lifestyle choices... Continue Reading

Hope for Colorectal Patients with Operable Liver Metastases (02-5-2009)

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States. Stage IV, or metastatic, colorectal cancer refers to cancer that has spread from the colon or rectum to distant sites in the body. One common site to which colorectal... Continue Reading

Surgery to Remove Cancer Spread to Liver May Improve Survival (02-5-2009)

Surgical removal of sites of cancer that have spread to the liver (liver metastasis) among patients with colorectal cancer appears to improve survival. These favorable results have even been noted in second surgeries for liver metastasis. The liver is... Continue Reading

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