Cervical Cancer

Understanding Cervical Cancer (02-5-2009)

What It Is, the Role of HPV, and How It May Be Prevented What Is Cervical Cancer? The cervix forms the opening to the uterus from the vagina. It is covered with two main types of cells: squamous cells, which cover the part of the cervix that extends... Continue Reading

Frequently Asked Questions About the Recently Approved HPV Vaccine (02-5-2009)

Though the introduction of the Pap test in 1943 has greatly improved the early detection and thus treatment of cervical cancer for women in the United States, nearly 10,000 cases are still diagnosed each year in this country. Worldwide, an estimated 231,000... Continue Reading

Who Should be Screened for Cervical Cancer? (02-5-2009)

Cervical cancer accounts for 6% of all cancers in women. Approximately 15,000 new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed each year in the United States and roughly 5,000 women die annually from this disease. Screening for abnormal, precancerous or cancerous... Continue Reading

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