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Some Evidence of Mild “Chemo Brain” in Breast Cancer Survivors (09-14-2012)

Breast cancer patients treated with chemotherapy are at risk for mild cognitive deficits (sometimes referred to as chemo brain) after treatment, according to the results of a study published early online in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. A large portion... Continue Reading

Flaxseed Not Effective Against Hot Flashes (06-7-2011)

Flaxseed does not reduce hot flashes among postmenopausal women. These results were presented at the 2011 annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Menopause—when menstrual cycles end and ovarian hormone production drops dramatically—produces... Continue Reading

Predicting Nerve Damage from Paclitaxel (06-6-2011)

The chemotherapy drug paclitaxel can cause nerve damage in some patients. According to a study that will be presented at the 2011 annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, specific genetic markers may eventually allow doctors to know... Continue Reading

Social Support May Improve Breast Cancer Outcomes (01-26-2011)

Social well-being during the first year after a breast cancer diagnosis may have a beneficial effect on cancer outcomes. These results were published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. A diagnosis of breast cancer often affects a woman’s quality of... Continue Reading

Weight Lifting May Not Increase Lymphedema Risk Among Breast Cancer Survivors (01-10-2011)

It may be safe for breast cancer survivors to lift weights, including upper-body exercises, without increasing risk for lymphedema. These results were reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Lymphedema refers to swelling of the arm... Continue Reading

Xgeva Delays Bone Complications in Women with Metastatic Breast Cancer (12-21-2010)

In a study of women with bone metastases from breast cancer, Xgeva™ (denosumab) delayed bone complications for five months longer than Zometa® (zoledronic acid). These updated results from a Phase III clinical trial were presented at the 2010 San Antonio... Continue Reading

Breast Cancer Patients More Satisfied with Silicone Implants (11-12-2010)

Women diagnosed with breast cancer who have undergone mastectomy and breast reconstruction report somewhat higher satisfaction with silicone implants than with saline implants. These findings were published early online in CANCER, the journal of the American... Continue Reading

Sexual Function an Issue for Breast Cancer Survivors (10-5-2010)

About 70% of breast cancer survivors reported in a recent study that they had difficulty having sex, according to an article published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The many physical and emotional changes that follow a cancer diagnosis can affect... Continue Reading

Depression Is Prevalent in Partners of Cancer Patients (10-1-2010)

Men whose partners were diagnosed with breast cancer were 39% more likely to be hospitalized due to an affective disorder (major depression, bipolar disease, and other serious mood-altering conditions) compared with men whose partners were not diagnosed... Continue Reading

Exercise and Green Tea May Help Breast Cancer Survivors Beat the Blues (01-28-2010)

Exercising and drinking green tea may help prevent depression among breast cancer survivors, according to the results of a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.[1] Depression is a major concern among breast cancer patients and survivors.... Continue Reading

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