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Long-Term Survival of Childhood Cancer Survivors Continues to Improve (03-21-2016)

Among childhood cancer survivors, long-term survival continues to improve as treatment has been modified to reduce life-threatening, long-term side effects. These results were recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Among children diagnosed... Continue Reading

American College of Rheumatology Releases Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment Guidelines for Patients with Cancer (01-5-2016)

The ACR 2015 Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) treatment guidelines were published after nearly a year of review and revision by the panel. The guideline committee recommends that individuals with RA and cancer be treated in the following manner: Previous Melanoma... Continue Reading

Investigational Drug May Prevent Life-Threatening Muscle Loss in Advanced Cancers (12-1-2015)

COLUMBUS, Ohio – New data describes how an experimental drug can stop life-threatening muscle wasting (cachexia) associated with advanced cancers and restore muscle health. The experimental agent, known as AR-42 while in testing, was developed and tested... Continue Reading

High Use of Alternative Medicine in Senior Cancer Patients (08-31-2015)

(PHILADELPHIA) — Alternative medicines are widely thought to be at least harmless and very often helpful for a wide range of discomforts and illnesses. However, although they’re marketed as “natural,” they often contain active ingredients... Continue Reading

Patients Rising, Launched to Fight for Access to Vital Therapies and Services for Patients with Life-Threatening Diseases (08-25-2015)

Patient advocacy veterans Jonathan and Terry Wilcox today announced the launch of a new not-for-profit organization, Patients Rising. This patient advocacy organization will educate, advocate and communicate the importance of access to vital therapies... Continue Reading

Understanding Precision Cancer Medicine (08-25-2015)

Precision cancer medicine is an evolving concept in cancer care that aims to leverage new genomic information about a specific cancer to more precisely target treatment. Precision medicine seeks to define the genomic alterations that are driving a specific... Continue Reading

New Research Concludes that Majority of Cancers Are “Bad Luck”—or Random Mutations (02-9-2015)

According to recent research, the majority of cancers are caused by random mutations in cell DNA during stem cell division, as opposed to lifestyle, inherited, or environmental risk factors. These findings were reported in the journal Science. It’s... Continue Reading

Planning in Advance for Cancer Care May Reduce Anxiety (01-29-2015)

For patients with advanced cancer, making plans for future care does not appear to cause emotional distress and may even reduce anxiety. These findings were published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management. Advance care planning involves making... Continue Reading

Tips for Cancer Caregivers: November is National Family Caregiver Month (11-10-2014)

Caring for a family member or friend with cancer is often very challenging. The experience can be exhausting both mentally and physically, but it actually becomes even more so when you don’t take care of yourself. I use a metaphor of a watering can... Continue Reading

Patients With Advanced Cancers Learn to Live Life Day by Day (09-26-2014)

Advances in treatment mean that patients with metastatic cancer are living longer, but challenges remain. Renelle Jacobson is in her fifth year of chemotherapy. She has undergone about 10 surgeries, including a leg amputation. She copes on a daily basis... Continue Reading

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