Whitmore-Jewett Staging System (12-5-2001) A system used for the staging of prostate cancer. ... Continue Reading

Watchful Waiting (12-5-2001) The patient’s condition is closely monitored, but treatment is withheld until symptoms appear or change. ... Continue Reading

White Matter (12-5-2001) The part of the brain that contains myelinated nerve fibers. ... Continue Reading

White Blood Cell Count (WBC) (12-5-2001) The actual number of white blood cells seen in a blood sample. ... Continue Reading

Wernicke’s Area (12-5-2001) A part of the brain involved with language. ... Continue Reading

Whipple Procedure (12-5-2001) A type of surgery used to treat pancreatic cancer. The surgeon removes teh head of the pancreas, the duodenum, a portion of the stomach, and other nearby tissue. ... Continue Reading

Wafer Implants (12-5-2001) A product that is placed in the brain at the site of surgery. The implant slowly dissolves and releases an anti-cancer drug. ... Continue Reading

Wada Test (12-5-2001) Administration of a drug into an artery to find areas of the brain that control speech and memory. ... Continue Reading

Wire Localization (12-5-2001) A procedure used to guide a surgical breast biopsy when the lump is difficult to locate or in areas that look suspicious on the x-ray but do not have a distinct lump. ... Continue Reading

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