Urinary retention (12-5-2001) Failure to empty the bladder totally. ... Continue Reading

Uric Acid (12-5-2001) A waste product that is found in urine and blood. ... Continue Reading

Urethral mucosa (12-5-2001) Moist lining of the urethra. ... Continue Reading

Ureteral stones (12-5-2001) A kidney stone that has moved down into the ureter. ... Continue Reading

Utilization Review (UR) (12-5-2001) An evaluation of the medical necessity, appropriateness, and cost-effectiveness of healthcare services and treatment plans for a given patient ... Continue Reading

Uric acid stone (12-5-2001)  A kidney stone that may result from animal protein in the diet. When the body breaks down this protein, uric acid levels rise and can form stones. ... Continue Reading

Unresectable (12-5-2001) Unable to be surgically removed. ... Continue Reading

Ultrasonic probe (12-5-2001)  Thin, tube-like instrument that generates high frequency sound waves that scan surfaces of tissues/organs to detect abnormalities. ... Continue Reading

Undifferentiated (12-5-2001) Cells or tissues that do not have specialized ("mature") structures or functions. ... Continue Reading

Umbilicus (12-5-2001) Navel or belly button. ... Continue Reading

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