Filgrastim-sndz (07-29-2015)

Class: Biological Therapy Generic Name: Filgrastim-sndz Trade Name: Zarxio For which conditions is this drug approved? Zarxio is approved to decrease the incidence of infection in patients with a low neutrophil (type of white blood cell that helps fight... Continue Reading

Farydak® (04-22-2015)

Class: Biological Therapy Generic Name: Panobinostat Trade Name: Farydak® For which conditions is this drug approved? Farydak® is approved for use, in combination with Velcade® (bortezomib) and dexamethasone, in people with multiple myeloma after... Continue Reading

Flexible sigmoidoscopy (10-29-2014)

A routine outpatient procedure in which a physician inserts a sigmoidoscope (a long, flexible instrument about ½ inch in diameter) in the rectum and advances it to the large intestine (colon) to view the lining of the rectum and the lower third of the... Continue Reading

Fecal incontinence (10-29-2014) Inability to retain stool, resulting in bowel accidents. ... Continue Reading

Fecal diversion (10-29-2014) Surgical creation of an opening of part of the colon (colostomy) or small intestine (ileostomy) to the surface of the skin. The opening provides a passageway for stool to exit the body. ... Continue Reading

Ferric Carboxymaltose (04-23-2014)

Class: Supportive Care Generic Name: ferric carboxymaltose (FER-ik kar-box-ee-MAWL-tose) injection Trade Name: Injectafer® For which conditions is this drug approved? Injectafer is indicated for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia in adult patients: Who... Continue Reading

free PSA (fPSA) (04-17-2014) PSA exists in two forms in the blood, either bound to protein or unbound (“free”). Measuring both the bound and free form can better predict risk. ... Continue Reading

flare (04-17-2014)

A sudden reaction to starting hormone therapy, sometimes characterized by severe increase in pre-hormone therapy symptoms, such as pain; does not occur in all men; some report it may be prevented by taking an anti-androgen (Casodex, Nilandron) several... Continue Reading

Fesoterodine (03-18-2013)

Class: Other Generic Name: Fesoterodine Trade Names: Toviaz® How is this drug used? Toviaz is used to treat overactive bladder with symptoms of a strong need to urinate right away; leaking accidents due to a strong, immediate need to urinate; or a need... Continue Reading

Flomax® (02-27-2013)

Class: Other Generic Name: Tamsulosin Trade Names: Flomax® How is this drug used? Flomax is used to treat the signs and symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Flomax is a type of drug known as an alpha-blocker. What is the mechanism of action?... Continue Reading

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