Recent Retinoblastoma News

Survivors of Childhood Cancer Face Risk of More Cancer

(July 11, 2011)

Children who survive cancer have an increased risk of developing cancer later in life. These findings were recently reported in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. The good news about childhood cancer is... Continue Reading

New Substances Added to List of Cancer-Causing Agents

(June 21, 2011)

In the most recent version of the National Toxicology Program’s Report on Carcinogens, two new substances have been classified as “known human carcinogens” and six others have been classified as... Continue Reading

Medical Costs Higher Among Survivors

(June 21, 2011)

Cancer survivors tend to pay substantially more in annual medical costs compared with people who have never had cancer. These findings were recently reported in Cancer. A significant number of adults in... Continue Reading

Fewer Lung Cancer Deaths Among Women

(April 11, 2011)

The lung cancer death rate among women appears to be declining for the first time in 40 years, according to an annual report published by multiple institutions. Findings from the report were recently released... Continue Reading

Cancer Care Costs Expected to Rise by at Least 27% Over Next Decade

(January 18, 2011)

As a result of the growth and aging of the US population, cancer care costs are expected to rise by 27% by the year 2020. This estimate does not include increases in the cost of cancer treatment itself,... Continue Reading

Long-term Retinoblastoma Survivors at Greater Risk of Dying from Subsequent Cancers

(May 11, 2009)

Long-term retinoblastoma survivors are at a greater risk of dying from subsequent cancers and this elevated risk extends beyond 40 years, according to the results of a study published in the Journal... Continue Reading

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