Recent Hairy Cell Leukemia News

Zelboraf® Appears Active in Hairy Cell Leukemia That Has Progressed After Other Treatment

(October 7, 2015)

The medication Zelboraf® (vemurafenib) appears active in the treatment of hairy cell leukemia (HCL) that had progressed after previous therapy. These findings were published in New England Journal of... Continue Reading

Zelboraf® Active in Hairy Cell Leukemia

(September 24, 2015)

The targeted agent, Zelboraf® (vemurafenib), which is approved for the treatment of melanoma, provided high anti-cancer activity among patients with hairy-cell leukemia that had stopped responding to... Continue Reading

Many Patients with “Chemo Brain” Recover within Five Years

(May 23, 2011)

A study of “chemo brain”—the foggy thinking and forgetfulness that patients may experience after chemotherapy—suggests that the condition improves substantially over time for a majority of patients.... Continue Reading